TS Sports is proud and honored to be the company chosen to bring state-of-the-art, LED video display technology to the largest stadium in the U.S., Michigan Stadium. 111,000 fans will witness the spectacular clarity of 16mm-SMD at every home game. Michigan fans will now have two separate viewpoints, one in each end zone. Each video display stands as tall as a 5-story building and 85’ wide.


“We are excited to partner with TS Sports on state-of-the-art boards at our three biggest venues,” said athletic director Dave Brandon said in a release. “Our goal is to set new trends in the viewing experience for our fans and these boards will be the first step in that goal.”


When your stadiums nickname is the, “Big House” and is the 3rd largest stadium in the entire world, staying ahead of the technology curve is imperative. Michigan Stadium chose TS Sports 16mm-SMD technology because it is the first of it’s kind. While 16mm-SMD has been used for indoor application, it was not suited for outdoor, based on insufficiency of overall brightness. That was, until TS Sports LED supplier, Cree, engineered a chip that emits optimal brightness by outputting over 6,000 NITS.  Thus, exceeding the industry outdoor brightness specifications. Michigan is the 1st college football stadium to use this technology, setting the bar for all college stadiums.


Project Scope:

  •  LED Video Displays, Two (2), 16mm-SMD – 47.5’ (h) x 85’ (w)

DAVE BRANDON, Athletic Director at University of Michigan; Video Testimony

TS Sports


Michigan was looking for a company that could create these boards while exceeding display clarity standards. TS Sports is the only company that offered everything Michigan was looking for. Vice President of TS Sports, Matt Ritter said, “Throughout the decision making process the University of Michigan wanted the best looking product on the market for their fans.  The StarVison 16mm-SMD will exceed everyone’s expectations in brightness, viewing angles, and clarity.”

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