Matthew Knight Arena, home to the U of O Ducks athletic programs, features one of the most uniquely designed center-hung boards in the country.  Technologically advanced LEDs light up the structural foundation on which the center-hung video boards are mounted. The foundation itself is engineered in the shape of the “O” logo, which represents this Pac12 University. TS Sports furnished the largest center-hung board in college sports at Matthew Knight Arena, standing 32ft high and 36ft in length. The Full center-hung structure weighs 65,000 lbs. Affixed to the structural foundation are four high definition (12ft x 20ft) video boards. The LED video board technology in the arena doesn’t stop there. Matthew Knight also houses a 2.5ft(h) x 550ft (l) LED video ribbon board that wraps around the arena in addition to (10ft x 30ft) video boards in each of the four corners.

Project Scope:

  • Center Hung Upper Ring: One (1) 10mm 3.14’ x 113.39’
  • Center Hung Main Displays: Four (4) 6mm 12.6’ x 18.9’
  • Center Hung Lower Ring: One (1) 10mm 2.6’ x 65.09’
  • LED Fascia: One (1) 16mm 2.5’ x 553.34’
  • LED Corner Displays: Four (4) 16mm 10’ x 30’
  • LED Scorer’s Table: One (1) 10mm 2.1’ x 44.09’
  • LED Media Tables: Two (2) 2.1’ x 12.6’


Matthew Knight Arena chose TS Sports to provide their video board needs based on the quality of our product, the length of our warranty and our ability to do it all within their budget.

TS Sports is proud to be part of the team that brought this cutting edge technology to Mathew Knight Arena. Matthew Knight Arena is highly regarded as a state-of-the-art facility in college sports. Matt Ritter, Vice President of TS Sports said, “We are proud to be a part of the Matthew Knight Arena construction team.  MKA will lead the way in LED technology for many years to come”



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